Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on paintings and such

Hello All-

For those of you who were worried about my work production- have no fear, my studio practice is alive and well. I've got one new painting ready for posting, and one retouched since I last posted it. And, just so I can get you guys quivering with anticipation, I've got 3 more paintings in the works: "Noah's Ark on White Waves", "Sam's Farm" and "Cash Only".

That said, I thought I would post the completed stuff, and maybe explain a little bit...

Babble (24x48") This painting was inspired by debates I had with an ultra conservative guy I knew in college, strangely because we finally agreed on something after many nights of debate- you simply can't trust everything you hear (or anything you hear) from the media. It's the representation of the obsession with, and almost divine placement of the media and it's roll in modern society.

And now for the Touch-up:

Preachings of the Baron The meaning of the painting can be seen in a previous post, should it peak your interest. Since last posted, I added details to the figures in the background. Hair, shirt patterns, facial hair, and even things like a tie and newspaper. Featured in the background of the work are a priest clutching an umbrella and a bible, a business man in a suit with his newspaper and brief case, and people milling about their day.

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