Monday, December 28, 2009

Dropping a line

Thought I would drop a line about more stuff going on.

Currently finishing up another painting titled Babble. This one is a bit different in both structure and content than my usual work (in a good way), though its a little bit more mild in message. In any case, that'll be making it's way to the internet soon, so when it's up feel free to have a look. Also, just started a painting that I have been planning for a couple of months now, and going to start yet another. Expect to see at least a couple of more works before January 15th (grad school apps deadline for my program of choice).

Anyway, also, if you can get out there- make sure you head to MoMA. Just went yesterday to see Monet's waterlillies, the Tim Burton exhibit, and Gabiel Orozco. It was a bit overwhelming, and there were A LOT of people there, so I may even have to go again. In any case- no disappointments here.

Until next time.