Monday, September 7, 2009

More work coming soon

So after a little bit of tough criticism I took some time off after the completion of Search For Sancho. Long story short, I heard some things I really didn't want to hear, but I now think were vital to my growth as an artist.

I don't want my work to come off as one liners- I really just thought I was being funny and clever. I'm not saying I wasn't, but maybe i made that too much of my focus at a certain point down the line, and I lost touch a little bit. In my state of vulnerability, after receiving a little verbal spank in the ass, I began to really search within myself and I think I've started to get to the root of the things that I really care about, and how to discuss it on a visual platform (having started to touch on that with Search for Sancho). The next bunch of pieces are aimed, this time, not just at what I believe the truth is but issues in which I find it difficult to find any sort of truth at all. They are about the huge blanket of gray in a world where so many people seem to see so much black and white.

I look forward to showing you all what I have in store.

Until next time...