Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Blog

Well, this is my first post on the blog, so for those of you that are kind enough to have stopped by, thanks a bunch. I'm adding this blog as a part of my website, so that I can give you guys, and myself, as personal and updated a touch as I can. Here I'll be posting, and writing about, both my work and other people's work that I like. for those of you wondering, my main URL is where you can find the majority of my work (that I've obviously already shot) as well as contact info and my CV. Again, thanks for stopping by, and hope you like my stuff. Anyway, I may as well explain myself....
This isn't my prettiest peice, but this 3 panel painting is the one that made me who I am today- an artist with a purpose.
Long story short, during sophmore year of college, luck basically took a big steaming shit on everything I knew and was. Due to the irresponssible nature of a couple of party goers, I was accused of drugging a couple of girls at this particular event. No- I did not in fact take part in any elicit activity. It was a wrong place at the wrong time kind of issue. Anyway, this accusation began what would be the worst couple of months in my 20 years of life. It's safe to say that this whole experience changed me forever.
This painting is about the 36 hours I spent in jail for, literally doing nothing. for those of you that haven't guessed it yet, the title alludes to my extreme discontent for the experience. This painting, after finally being able to be honest with myself artistically, would spawn a long series of commentary mostly aiming at society's dishonesty, whether it be in reference to the Myspace generation or society's vices.