Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 More

so I've gotten 2 more paintings under my belt-

The Grand Pecking Order II is a revisit on the Grand Pecking Order series.

Preachings of the Baron, has been, what I consider a huge step for me. It is one of the first true efforts in a long time in which I've created not just a multi-figural dynamic, but a full environment and context for the figures to act inside of.
the actual subject of piece is centered around religion. This piece is basically asking how the modern man would view the biblical prophets- if a man stumbled out of the desert with no food or water saying he had seen visions of God, what would your response to that man be? The truth is, we hear outlandish things every day of our lives and we choose to dismiss or accept information unquestioningly because of the source- verifiable or not.

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